This blog is a way to share my artventure with you. Most of my free time is devoted to visit art exhibitions and art fairs locally and internationally, crucial to educate my eyes and fulfill my passion. Here are some snapshots of those exhibitis I visited. Enjoy!

Venice Biennale 2019 – May We Live in Interesting Times

It is true that this city is so full with visitors but it is still one of the most beautiful cities I have known. My hotel tucked in the area not far from the bus station, tranquil with the view on the back garden, downside was, the restaurant uses it as their space. I had splendid 7 days visit including arts, culture and beach. I cannot wait to be there in 2021!

Art Basel 2019

I am always longing for the summer, a summer full with arts. This year I could combine it with the Venice Biennia. My summer vacation started in Basel and all over North Italy. This time I am staying for a week long in Basel, to enjoy the city and surrounding. Apart from, visiting the fairs, I had the chance to attend the cinema each night, focused on artistic movies.Voila, here are some pictures, a mix of what I have seen in the main fair as well as the satellite fairs. Enjoy the beauty by simply looking at the works, it prevails in each one of them.

Art Rotterdam 2019

The only fair in The Netherlands where the art fanatics are looking forward to is Art Rotterdam. The same location, the same formula with high quality offering from (inter)national galleries. Good atmosphere and city wide art programs. Here are some snapshots:


Berlin Art Week 2018

One of the curators I met invited me to be their guest for Berlin Art Week to see what the city has to offer in terms of Arts and culture. Beside two art fairs in the old airport Templehof, the most interesting program is to visit studios of established as well as young artists living in the city. It is always interesting to see the kitchen of creativity and fantasy.


Artist First art fair – Ceramic Manifest 2017.

Nowadays arts comes in all imaginable forms. After the fashionable drawings and photography, Artist First art fair attemptss to highlight ceramic. From selected 20 artists, represented by a few local galleries in an intimate Francis Boeske Space in NDSM werf Amsterdam. The result is fascinating and cannot wait for the next edition.


Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Yogyakarta is the second destination of Indonesia after Bali, due to its proximate location from the famous Borobudur and Prambanan Temples. It is also considered to be the cultural centre of Java. There is a well known art school that produce today’s finest Indonesian artists. The artistic infrastructure is reasonable with several non profit art spaces and well-established art galleries.  


Art Basel Hongkong 2017  

Going to Hongkong is always a good idea; it is vibrant, culinary and amazing city. Art Basel was a great addition for my visit. The fair itself is less spacious than the Swiss one but full loaded with great arts from the known ones. Here once can’t hardly discover new artists. Everybody is a star: collectors, gallerists and artists. I have never seen so many women walking around in haute couture dresses.


Plus jamais seul, Hervé Di Rosa – where collecting become true obsession.

Plus jamais seul, Hervé Di Rosa and the modest arts is the latest in La maison rouge’s cycle of exhibitions showing private collections. Following on from Arnulf Rainer in 2005 and Jean-Jacques Lebel in 2010, this is the third time the foundation has invited an artist to present his own work in the light of works and objects he has collected. A prominent figure of the art scene and a major protagonist of Free Figuration, since the 1980s Hervé Di Rosa (born 1959 in Sète) has campaigned for recognition of modest art, which he says “has ties with popular art, primitive art, art brut, but is also more than that. It takes in mass-produced objects just as much as one-offs, most with little monetary value but vast emotional worth. Beyond the critic’s view, the notion of good or bad taste, or aesthetic rigour, admirers of modest art are joined in a spontaneous, of-the-moment delight that is tinted with childhood memories and simple, non- theorised pleasures.” In 2000 he opened the Musée International des Arts Modestes (MIAM) in Sète. The museum’s director since its opening, this is where, exhibition after exhibition, he reveals the multiple facets of this modest art. The exhibition at La maison rouge, which will take in developments in Hervé Di Rosa’s work since the early 1980s, will emphasise the important role this art plays in his practice.