Contemporary Art on The Move !

What a better way to share my Art-venture and Art-preciation through this website!

I was initially introduced to the  contemporary arts in the early 2000. Deeply intrigued by human interaction, communication and their survival, the presence of human in their environment is dominant in my artventure. Portraits can be perceived a window to our soul whereas the landscape and its beauty and decay co-exist with human existence. The abstraction often succeeds in removing the traces of reality. The subject matter is timeless.  

As an art fanatic with commercial and hospitality background, I ventured into the world of contemporary arts and design. starting by remodernising Bochenska gallery in Warsaw Poland, managing XVA Art Hotel in Dubai, UAE and initiating FG stijl Interior Design Studio / GDS in Dubai, UAE. In several occasions I was able to help organising exhibitions, selecting artworks for site specific projects or simply exchanging ideas with some artists over a cup of macchiato.

I believe in the world with no boundaries where cultural diversity enriches our life. I remain a keen observer of life, environment and art with colourful perspectives. When I am not in Amsterdam, I shall be elsewhere where exciting art event is.

Iwan Yamin


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